Cenex Expo moves with the net zero and connected automated mobility times

Anticipation is building ahead of Cenex Expo 2024. The rebranded event which unifies Cenex-LCV & Cenex-CAM is set to bring the innovation community together as the road to net zero and connected automated mobility intensifies.

 Cenex Expo builds on the successful legacy of the Cenex-LCV (Low Carbon Vehicle) event that began in 2008 for the LCV element and 2019 for Cenex-CAM (Connected Automated Mobility). Now together under the Cenex Expo marque, the revered technology showcasing and networking event is set to focus its reach and insight toward the supply chain, technology, and market development priorities of the next phase of future mobility, where markets mature but also new challenges emerge.

The inaugural Cenex Expo event is scheduled to take place at UTAC Millbrook on 4-5 September 2024. Already, industry thought leaders are signing up to exhibit ahead of the seminar programme themes being published later this month. Exhibitors will be showcasing technical solutions to the challenges faced by industry, as well as highlighting the opportunities offered by Net Zero and Connected Automated Mobility solutions.

The automotive supply chain for Net Zero and CAM will also support innovation across Light and Heavy Commercial Vehicles and reach into hard to decarbonise sectors including farming, logistics, marine, and construction equipment.

The Cenex Expo event combines supporting partners from UK government agencies with industry trade associations including SMMT, ITSUK, and AESIN, the home of automotive electronics.

Always looking forward

For Robert Evans, Cenex CEO, the 2024 event is set to expand in scope and marks the next pivotal moment – the commercialisation of net zero by 2025. Robert comments: “Since the inception as a single annual gathering for the UK low carbon vehicle community nearly two decades ago, the event has grown in size and continues to move with the times. Inevitably, with more big plans for global change, our event too must evolve to address the next set of challenges coming down the line.”

 Building on the success of Cenex-LCV & Cenex-CAM (the latter of which was launched in 2016), Cenex Expo 2024 will stimulate ideas and showcase technology, bringing UK and international delegations of industry experts together to deliver the net zero and connected automated mobility future.

 Anticipating the next wave of developments, Robert envisions that the hot topics of discussion at Cenex Expo 2024 will likely focus on:

  • The supply chain for electrification from critical mineral supply to the accelerated expansion of gigafactories and the ecosystem to support accelerated market uptake of electric vehicles
  • Progress and plans for the alternative fuel pathways to Net Zero including a hydrogen economy
  • Industrialisation of the manufacturing of components and systems, and future innovations that will deliver volumes and speed to market.
  • Increasing supply chain economies of scale to reduce production costs.
  • The circular economy challenge for Net Zero electric vehicles from design for reuse through to safe disassembly, sorting, and recyclability processes to safeguard rare earth minerals and elements.
  • The resolution of the technology, policy, certification, and trust frameworks needed for the deployment and commercialisation of driverless vehicles, specifically around the growing need for greater cyber security and vehicle safety.

Reflecting on the success of the annual forum, Robert expands: “We have seen technologies first showcased at earlier LCV events transition from R&D through to market deployment. As we continue to examine policy, strategy and challenge new opportunities in the net zero and mobility space, we must also stay ahead of the journey and question what’s coming next?”

 These are, without question, exciting and fast-moving times. Last year’s Cenex LCV and CAM event brought together over 4,700 delegates and 227 exhibitors, with a rich and informative seminar program.

Given the broader reach now encompassing marine, construction, farming and HGV fleets, an even larger turnout is anticipated at Cenex Expo 2024. Join the journey to connected automated net zero mobility, 4-5 September 2024.

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