New energy for Neue Klasse: e-cars as energy storage

BMW Neue Klasse models scheduled for launch in 2025 will be able to store electricity and function as a power outlet. They are equipped with technology for bidirectional charging – i.e. the ability to both accept and supply electricity.

With the latest design studies, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse sedan and the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X SAV, the BMW Group is showing what the next generation of core vehicles from the BMW brand will look like. They represent the range of technological innovations with which the company is showcasing its future viability.

With the world premiere of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X, BMW is now announcing another innovation set to enter series production: the ability to charge bidirectionally. This technology makes it possible to use the high-voltage battery of an all-electric vehicle as an energy storage device and to return the cached electricity to either your own household supply or the power grid at a later stage.

This makes it even easier for BMW customers to actively contribute to the energy transition and promotes the sustainable generation and use of renewable energy. Functions such as “Vehicle to Home”, “Vehicle to Grid” and “Vehicle to Load” will therefore be available to BMW customers for the first time. This move also underlines the ongoing expansion of the BMW Group Charging offer.

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