New UK test facility to streamline EV battery development and optimisation time

MAHLE Powertrain has opened a new, dedicated facility for the extensive testing of battery modules. The facility, based at the Northampton technical centre, enables the strip-down and disassembly of modules and compact vehicle batteries for post-test assessment. It also provides a climate-controlled environment to carry out real-world simulated testing streamlining the test and validation stages of emerging technologies.

As well as offering post-assessment suitability analysis, the battery pack assembly and testing facility enables testing under simulated drive-cycle conditions to evaluate the performance of battery systems in real-use environments. Included within the testing remit is the ability to assess cells, modules and battery packs for steady state testing. Testing includes open circuit voltage, storage capacity and thermal characteristics, and  voltage response under high discharge, thermal behaviour and internal resistance.

Assembly of new prototype units is also possible at MAHLE Powertrain’s new highly modular facility. The facility can conduct dynamic test cycles and steady state characterisation testing with or without battery management systems in-situ.  Tests can be conducted within the temperature range of -40oC to 100oC with precise humidity control and protection from a EUCAR 5 fire detection and suppression system. The remote-control chamber receives bi-directional power supply suitable for module testing with cycling software and control of the environmental chamber.

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