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Future Vehicle magazine offers a diverse and engaging mix of features in every issue that, whether written by industry professionals or our own in-house editorial team, provides in-depth analysis and comment.

The magazine prides itself on providing informed news, comment and analysis on a fast-moving industry that is significant from an engineering, environmental, and political perspective.


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Future Vehicle magazine reports on the latest technology, techniques and trends and includes coverage of:

Advanced Materials Powertrain Battery Technology Power Electronics Systems Integration & Power Management Engines and Engine Components Software & Simulation Energy Recovery and Storage Recycling Electrical Recharging & Infrastructure Fuel Cells Emissions control Manufacturing Techniques Instrumentation & Testing Intelligent Mobility Supply Chain Research & Development Air Quality & Emissions Energy Efficiency Consultancy Services

Future Vehicle also covers a varied range of topics and themes encompassing:

Passenger Cars Motorsport Commercial & Public Service Vehicles Off Highway Vehicles Scooters/Motorcycles Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

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